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Agona Swedru
Agona Swedru is the capital of the Agona West Municipal Assembly with an overall population of close to 160,000 with 85,000 females and 75,000 males.

The Population

As of 2013 the estimated population of Swedru itself was close to 70,000 people and is said to be the most commercial city in the Central Region of Ghana.

It is located North-East part of the central region, directly North of Winneba about 30km from Accra – Cape Coast road.

The traditional inhabitant of the area is mixed with representation from every major ethnic group in Ghana.
The main occupation of the people is a mixture of trading and white-colour jobs.

Hotels In Agona Swedru

The town is blessed with modern types of hotels and guest houses for travelers and inhabitants who want to have a place to spend the night, have fun, or even host parties and more.

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