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Agona Swedru: History, Population, Festival, Hotels, Schools & More

Agona Swedru

Agona Swedru is the capital of the Agona West Municipal Assembly with an overall population of close to 160,000 with 85,000 females and 75,000 males.

The town is located North-East part of the central region, directly North of Winneba about 30km from the Accra – Cape Coast road.

Agona swedru is the most commercial city in the Central Region of Ghana and the traditional inhabitant of the area is mixed with representation from every major ethnic group in Ghana. The main occupation of the people is a mixture of trading and white-colour jobs.

History of Agona Swedru

The history of Swedru dates back centuries when the founders of the town who were travellers decided to settle.

Originally Swedru was inhabited by the Agona people, but as of now, the town is inhabited by a mixture of all the ethnic groups in Ghana.

Exploring the history of Swedru provides valuable insights into the town’s evolution and its contributions to Ghana’s heritage.

Hotels In Agona Swedru

The town is blessed with modern types of hotels and guest houses for travellers and inhabitants who want to have a place to spend the night, have fun, or host parties, events and more. Find below a list of available hotels and guest houses in Agona Swedru.


Agone Swedru is a commercial town, with a few large shopping centres and markets, notable among them is Melcom and All Needs Supermarket.

Apart from these few large shopping malls, there are a lot of medium-sized shops you can buy all you need. Agona Swedru is blessed with two big open markets where you can buy all you need.


In terms of healthcare, the town is blessed with a number of hospitals both private and government-owned. Below are some of the hospitals available in Agona Swedru.

  • Swedru Government Hospital
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital
  • C4C Homeopathic Hospital
  • ST. Joseph Clinic

Education & Schools In Agona Swedru

Agona Swedru takes pride in its commitment to education, with a range of educational institutions offering quality learning opportunities. From primary schools nurturing young minds to tertiary institutions providing higher education, the town’s educational landscape fosters the intellectual growth of its residents. Find below a list of some schools in Agona Swedru.

  • Swedru Senior High School (SWESCO)
  • Swedru School Of Business
  • IPMC Ghana – Agona Swedru Campus
  • Cambridge International College, Agona Swedru
  • BIMAKS College Of Business and Health Sciences
  • National Vocational Training Institute NVTI Agona Swedru
  • Frankeve Vocational Institute

Akwambo Festival

Another significant festival in Agona Swedru is the Akwambo Festival, a time when families and friends come together to honour their ancestors.

The Akwambo festival is celebrated in August by the people of Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana. The Akwambo literally means path-clearing.

The festival promotes unity, with communal labour, public parade, and durbars that strengthen the bonds within the community.


Agona Swedru is a captivating town that offers a captivating blend of culture, heritage, and natural beauty. From its vibrant festivals and iconic landmarks to its delectable cuisine and warm hospitality, the town invites visitors to embark on an enriching journey filled with delightful discoveries.


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