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Opening Ceremony for Cedi Lounge and Kitchen Night Club

Cedi Lounge

The official opening of Cedi Lounge & Kitchen/ Night club on the 13th of August is coming into reality, come and explore, experience greatness, and party in the best place ever to be inside Agona Swedru at Botwe Estate on the happy home school road.

Cedi Lounge Opening

The Chief, Okokobioko Nana Botwe II, and the Elders of Agona Swedru town in the Central Region of Ghana are delighted to invite the people of Ghana to their pleasant, the educative, and peaceful festival which starts in the month of august on the 13th 2017.

The Akwambo Festival which came to an agreement by the Chief and The Elders of the town to be celebrated every two years massively came to existence on 2015 and They are ones again happy to invite the indigenous and every Ghanaian to come and witness their absorbing Akwambo festival which is packed with so many activities and enlightening experience to witness, learn and know about the people of Agona Swedru.

Talking about one of the best places to spend your festive sessions with a beautifully serene, quality drink and delicious meals inside Agona Swedru is the Cedi Lounge & Kitchen/Night Club.


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