Swedru School Of Business

Swedru School of Business, the place for proper training and guidance for higher learning. The serenity of this school announces to all that Swedru School of Business is the place for people to be, either to learn, teach or visit.

Swedru School of Business, since its inception in 1959, has carved a niche for itself with regards to academic excellence and the splendid performance exhibited by the school in the WASSCE/SSSCE in recent years. To attest to this, it is on record that the school produced the best candidate in Business and the overall best candidate in the SSSCE conducted by WAEC in Ghana in 2002 in the person of Mister Rahman Adbul Amoadu. Similarly, Master David Asiedu, was also adjudged the overall best Accounting student in the world for 2011 in the Naamansa Foundation Exams.

Agric Scienc
Science is the area of study where students:Learn about the biological, chemical, physis, aninals, mathematics and conduct investigations to test out scientific ideas and evaluate their findings.

Business and related subjects (such as the ‘FAME’ group – finance, accounting, management and economics) are among the most popular fields of study at universities worldwide.

General Arts
This courses will be in general areas of study, government, mathematics, literature, history, economics, languages, geography, and so on rather than in applied or specialized fields

Home Economics
Home Economics students will be expected to learn, nutrition, aspects of science, practical cookery, parenting skills, financial management and consumer issues

Visual Arts
Visual Arts Programme has been so designed to help students acquire competence and skills in Art as a vocation for the individual and national development.