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(2020 Election) Lawyer Kofi Turkson To Contest Agona West Seat As An Independent Candidate

Lawyer Kofi Turkson To Contest Agona West Seat

A group of people on Saturday, besieged the house of Private Legal practitioner, Mr. Ishmael Kofi Tekyi Turkson pleading with him to contest the Agona West Parliamentary Election as an Independent Candidate in the upcoming December 7, polls.

According to them, they believed that Lawyer Turkson was the one and only person who could salvage Agona West Constituency from its present state.

The group made up of Chiefs, artisans, market women, businessmen and women, clergy, the unemployed youth, and supporters of different political spheres converged in his house to persuade him to represent them in parliament.

Mr. Kofi Mensah, the spokesperson, said Lawyer Turkson had the pedigree to unify and develop the area because he is a visionary leader and also understood the role education played in development.

Lawyer Turkson is an inspirer to the whole Agona West Constituency,” he added.

According to Mr. Mensah, the candidature of Lawyer Turkson would go a long way to boost the confidence of the entire Agonaman, because he grew up from Swedru Zongo and had practiced as a lawyer for over three decades.

He described Mr. Turkosn, a former Assemblyman for Dwenho Electoral Area, a suburb of Swedru as a disciplined man who during his tenure as an Assemblyman, run a transparent administration and allowed himself to be audited.

He left a good legacy worthy of emulation and also an indelible mark as a former Regional Chairman of a political party


The Spokesperson said Lawyer Turkson’s excellent performance in local governance alone was enviable, inspiring many to vouch for him to do the work, he said.

Mr. Mensah stated that the Lawyer was not only affable but also a team player, seen as a redeemer who could develop the Constituency to greater heights.

He urged the people of Agona West to vote him as Member of Parliament (MP) in the upcoming December 7, polls.

Lawyer Turkson later accepted the request and assured the group that he would not disappoint them, but run a matured and disciplined campaign devoid of insults and names calling and advised the group to imbibe that trait.


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