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Cedi Lounge
Cedi Lounge

Cedi Lounge And Kitchen

Cedi Lounge And Kitchen is situated in the heart of Agona Swedru, Nana Botwe Estate in the Central Region of Ghana provides the perfect place and environment to party revelers who want to get carried away by the rhythms of the seductive night.

Cedi Lounge And Kitchen feature a live band and an in-house DJ who ‘blasts’ club bangers from local and international artists to the charged audience. Some mainstream Ghanaian musicians such as Stay Jay, Yaa Pono, Wendy Shay, Danny Beats, and ‘underground acts like Taboo the Superstar, 2tek, Yaw Berma, Abolo Ray Ray, Lovely Gh have previously performed at this facility before.
Cedi Lounge

Cedi Lounge And Kitchen – Restaurant

This exotic entertainment hub also has a restaurant that appeals to people from diverse backgrounds, with local and international dishes at affordable prices that make patrons relish every minute they spend there.

The fufu and Omotuo prepared every Sunday also give customers a good impression, especially on the premise that the majority of the indigenes who frequent the facility love these delicacies.

People club for a variety of reasons; to escape the boredom of the day, drink all night long or to hook up with members of the opposite gender whilst networking.

Whatever the reason is, Cedi Lounge & Kitchen caters for all these needs plus more, and with the special Mapouka & Strippers night, you have more reasons to come back always. What’s even more, there’s tight security and a spacious parking lot for everyone too.

So whenever you are in the Agona Swedru, why don’t you visit Cedi Lounge & Kitchen and have a first-hand experience of their legendary great service.

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